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1968 Mustang Fastback 390ci S-Code

1968 Mustang Fastback 390ci S-Code

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SOLD, Gone in Ontario, Canada!


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This Mustang was built in San Jose, California and originally sold in Western Canada. It has 54 XXX Miles on the odometer, and it is believed to be its original mileage. I like to call this car a ''Bullitt'' specs, because it has the same color combo and engine/trans as the real ''Bullitt'' car. 


It was well maintained over it's lifetime, all the metal is original except for one passenger floorpan that was replaced. The undercarriage is very good condition, it was protected with grease/oil, you can still see the original ''RED OXIDE'' primer on most of the floor if you wipe off that coat of grease. The body seams and joints are perfect, the factory numbers stamped are visible on every pannel. The paint, was originally ''Highland Green'', and it was completely repaited same color in the late 1990's. It still looks nice and it is in decent condition. It is not a showroom quality paint, it is 30years old. It has some chips (touched up) here and there, but there are no rust bubbles. The body still is very straight, no bumps or waves at all. The aluminum trims and chromes around the car are in perfect condition. The weatherstripping is mostly new. The vent windows are very nice, their seals are also recent. The glass around the car is nice, no major scratches, except minor scratches on side glass. All of the glass is date correct, except for passenger side glass and windshield.


The interior is mostly original and in superb condition considering the age of this Mustang. The seats and the dash are original and not cracked, carpet is nice. Headrest were added for safety concern. It has the fold down seat option from factory. The dash pannels are original and in very good condition, it has the factory tach cluster gauges. All of the gauges work, even the clock! The original headliner has stated to tear in one of the 3 seams, but it still looks nice and tight. It has an AM/FM radio with a 6 CD changer in the trunk.


This Mustang is a factory V8 390ci 4bbl, S-Code. The 390ci Engine is not a Matching numbers, but it has all the OE parts and heads. It runs strong, has alot of power, does not rattle or burn oil. The original carburator was replaced with a 4bbl Holley. The transmission is the original 4 speed, shifts smoothly, it is in very good shape. The rear axle is the original 9Inch 3.25 Conventionnal. The rear axle is in good condition, shows no sign of excessive wear.


The suspension, bushings and bearings are in good condition, no loose. This car has the factory power steering and power disc brakes. The brakes were redone last summer, was driven 1000miles since. It also once had Air Conditioning, but the compressor and lines were removed and are now missing. Everything is still there to put a newer compressor and lines to reinstall it. 


Everything was inspected and is functional on the car, it will pass inspection anywhere without problems. Original VIN Tags on the dash and door.


See full description below.



  • 390ci Engine, 325hp / 427tq
  • 4bbl Holley Carburator
  • Original dressing



  • Toploader 4-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Rear end: 9inch 3.00 Conventionnal Rear Axle



  • Repainted in the late 1990's, touched up chips here and there, still nice for it's age
  • All original body pannels
  • Laser straight body
  • Seams and joints are perfect
  • Undercarriage is free of rust and is all original except for one passenger floorpan, the ''red oxide'' primer is still there under a coat of grease
  • Aluminum trims are perfect
  • Chrome bumpers are perfect
  • Gaps between the panels are nice and tight all around
  • Most of the weatherstrips and rubber bumpers are new
  • Original windshield is nice
  • Original Backglass is nice
  • Side glass have minor scratches
  • Original Vent Windows are nice, seals new, the chrome has some minor pitting
  • 14''x 7'' Torq Thrust Wheels



  • Mostly original
  • Seat Covers and Foam are perfect
  • Original Dash Pad in very good condition
  • Original Headliner, starting to tear in one of the 3 seams
  • Original dash pannels in very good shape
  • Door pannels are nice
  • Fold Down rear seats
  • The Hard Pannels (Rear) are original, repainted once
  • Windows roll up and down easily
  • Original carpet in good shape



  • Power Disc Brakes, Newer Master & Booster
  • Front Discs and Rear Drums redone recently


Suspension / Handling

  • Bushings, Balljoints and bearings are nice and tight
  • Original Height
  • Tire Size Front 215/70R14
  • Tire Size Back 215/70R14



Electrical System

  • Fully functional, unmolested


Here's the ORIGINAL vehicule information, from the day it left the factory:

8R02S154851 VIN Decode :

  • 8: 1968
  • R: Assembly plant, San Jose, California
  • 02: Body Type, Fastback
  • S: Engine code, 390ci, 4bbl, 325hp
  • 154851: Sequential unit number


Warranty Tag:

  • 63A: Fastback / Standard Interior / Bucket Seats
  • R : Paint Color: Highland Green
  • 2A: Black Interior ‘’Standard Bucket Seats’’
  • 28C: Build date : March 18, 1968
  • B7: DSO (District sales office), Eastern Canada
  • 7: Axle, 3.25 9inch Conventionnal Rear Axle
  • 5: Four Speed Manual Transmission


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